About Virtually Ignorant

The internet is a large and confusing place. How does one break into this complex world of odd terms and ever-evolving technology? To a newbie, it may look next to impossible. But hold on! Read the following:


Virtually Ignorant was created to explain designing, marketing, and the basic components of the web; it’s the intro to everything a beginner to intermediate user in this vast world of the internet needs to know. We filter through the myriad options on the web and narrow them down to a manageable, only passing down the preferred options in each category.  We’re here to help you out, and to recommend other, more expertise-oriented sites when you need them. So explore the site (we recommend our Getting Started page as your first stop) and prepare to become wise in the ways of the web.

Important Note: It’s pretty standard for paid internet services to give commissions for referrals.  When a company we recommend offers a commission, it’s our policy to take it, and it’s these commissions that cover the costs of running the site.  However, our first priority it providing great information and we try not to let commissions greatly influence our editorial process.  If you like the service we offer here at Virtually Ignorant and want to help us out, please click on the links on the site when signing up for the services we recommend.