Title Tags

Who would have thought such a small little thing made such a difference?  As it turns out, the title tag is mega-important.  This little bit of HTML code is a huge factor in your search engine rankings and making people click to your site.

Where is it found?
There are two places—the top of the browser, and at the top of Google search results—where the title tags usually show up. Here:

And here:

Why is it so important?
Let’s say you type in a keyword to Google. When Google starts looking for those keywords all across the web, it picks up on the keywords you’ve included in your title tags. That makes them extremely weighty in the SEO of your page.
Since it’s also at the top of search engine results (and the keywords will be bolded), the title tag is the gateway to your site. You want people to want to click on it! It’s their window to what you offer.

How to Optimize Your Title Tag
A title tag can go up to 70 characters.  Put the keywords of your product/company/main idea first. If you have a brand name, put it near the end (unless your brand is well-known, people will probably be searching for keywords rather than your specific name). This helps the ranking, and makes a searcher more likely to click that link. Check it out—our keywords are ‘web design’ and ‘beginners’.

Take advantage!
Modifying and tweaking your title tags is a process, and it can get you massive results if you do it correctly. Set aside ten minutes each week to analyze the results of your keywords and see how you can make them better. And remember: search engines give far more weight to the keywords in the title if they’re surrounded by relevant content. Make sure your page actually discusses what your title tags describe–search engines take that into consideration!

The title tag is an SEO aspect you have significant control over, so take full advantage of it!