Email Marketing

If you’re site is any good, it should take significantly less effort to get a return visitor than to draw in a new one.  Nonetheless, one of the most common mistakes new web marketers make is to put tons of effort into getting the hard to get new visitors and too little effort into staying in touch with the existing ones.

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your existing visitors.  And not just any visitors, but if you have an opt in email newsletter, the ones who are most likely to sign up are those who are most interested in your site.

Email is a great way to let people know about updates to your site, new promotions, or just to keep people engaged.  Those of you doing affiliate marketing can plug products right in your emails and never need the customer to get back to your site in order to close a sale.

You can certainly get people’s emails and compile your own email list, using Gmail, Outlook, or whatever other program you may favor.  Or you can use one of the any email marketing services out there.

If you’re going to use a service, we recommend Mad Mimi.  They’re the company we use for our email marketing. They’re drag and drop system means you don’t need to know or use any html or design skills to make professional looking newsletters.  Unlike a lot of the older services out there, they’re very current with the latest trends and technologies.  They’ll give you a free account for up to a 100 recipients.  And oh yeah, they’re run by a close friend, and we like supporting good people.

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