If you’ve been following our program thus far, by now you should have all the tools to build a devastatingly cool site. Yet, all your efforts have been in vain if no one knows about it. It’s time to pour yourself a big ole cup o’ joe and get real comfortable, cause we’re going to teach you how to introduce your site to the world.

The best and cheapest way to promote your site is to get it listed on the Search Engines. You can easily submit your site to the search engines for free, but to really win at the search engine game a simple site submission won’t do the trick. Like Bill Murray said, “to catch an animal, you have to think like an animal, and whenever possible look like one.” To earn top placement on the search engines, you must know what the search engines themselves are programmed to look for and engineer your site to attract their attention. Check out our own Meta tag tutorial to get you started.

Second only to search engine submissions in promotional bang for your buck is creating your own Affiliate Program. This technique won’t work for everyone, only those who have a viable product or service they’re trying to move. If your site fits the bill, you can get a tremendous amount of high quality publicity with minimal up front costs.

A couple newer promotional tools that have started gaining popularity in recent years are link exchanges and banner exchanges. The concept behind them is quite simple, you put a link to someone else’s site on your page, and they in turn do the same for yours. A number of companies have recently gotten into the act and built banner exchange networks whereby your banner can be displayed on thousands of pages in exchange for placing a single banner on your site. We also proudly offer a guest article by Elisabeth Archambault with great tips on how to go about your link exchanging your way to the top.

Adding an Ebook to your inventory gives you another way to publish your site information. Your visitors can download your ebook and every time they open it, they will be reminded of your site.

Another cheap and easy way to get hits is to have your site listed in some of the Internet Directoriesthat are starting to pop up all over the place. These directories function much like internet yellow pages, offering lists of web sites arranged by the services they offer. You’ll have to weigh for yourself the benefits of joining some of the directories that charge for inclusion, but there is no reason not to have your site listed in the many free directories on the web. You can also join our our directory for adding a link to us on your site.

If you have some advertising money to spend on your site, we recommend you think about and research Pay Per Click Search Engines and Paid Inclusion to Search Engines as options for targetted traffic. It takes some planning, but if you are selling anything, the targetted traffic can often pay for itself very quickly.

You can of course also go the traditional avenue and simply pay to advertise your site. We won’t discuss advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, or the other media we’re all familiar with, but we’ll give you the skinny on what to expect and how to spend your dollars wisely in internet advertising. The easiest and fastest way to advertise your site is through Google Adwords, and we have created a Google Adwords Tutorial to guide you through this process.

To announce your site to the world in a single shot, there’s still nothing that beats a Press Release(shy of a Super Bowl commercial). There are a number of agencies that specialize in handling press releases for internet companies, and they usually charge a few hundred dollars to put the details of your site into the hands of several thousand members of the media.