The upside of working online is that it has never been easier to launch and promote an initiative. In fact, there are so many easy to use, productive tools available to you, that there is often no limit to how much you can do. Which brings us to the downside of internet marketing, if you’re always looking for a better way to do something, you’ll usually find it, and may wind up doing nothing at all.

At VI, we’re very big into testing and trying out different methods and tools. However, we’re only in favor of experimentation when it comes in the context of a functional site. Long periods of research and planning can often be counterproductive online. Learn by doing. First get something online. Then tweak.

If you can’t afford to launch something that isn’t first rate, launch something else first. Take any hobby or interest that you have, even if it’s about garden slugs and doesn’t have a prayer of making you a dime, and launch a site about that. Once you learn enough about the internet from building to have the bear minimum knowledge you need to build your dream site, then you’re ready to get started on that.

When ready to dive in, proceed to our Getting Started page to read about the first steps.