Put Advertising on Your Site

There are two main ways that we recommend putting advertising on your website.  One of these ways is affiliate marketing, in which you will sign up to be an authorized referrer for different merchants and make a commission on sales generated from your links.  To learn more about this way of displaying ads, please visit our Affiliate Marketing page.

The other way that we recommend to put up advertising is simply to leave all the work to Google.  Google’s Adsense program takes all the onus of matching your page with the appropriate advertisers off of your shoulders and puts it squarely onto theirs.

Once you’re signed up for a free Adsense account, Google will walk you through a simple step of creating an ad template.

Adsense Ad Creation

You can choose how big of a banner ad you want, whether you want it to be text or image, and even the colors and styles so that it fits in with the look of your site.

Style Your Adsense Ad

When you finish, Google will give you HTML code to insert into your site.  That’s it.  Once the code is on your site, Google will read your page, determine what it’s about, and decide which advertiser(s) ads would do best on the page.  Google is your partner in this, so they want to come up with as good as a match as possible.  When a visitor clicks on an ad, Google will charge the advertiser and give the majority of that money to you, keeping a minority for itself as a commission.
One of the real benefits of this is that the ads will always be current.  Unlike affiliate programs, where the burden is on you to keep your ads current and relevant, Google takes care of that for you.  It’s the easiest way to make money from website traffic.