Making money on the web is ridiculously easy these days….or it used to be. A webmaster who knows how to fully take advantage of the money making opportunities available on today’s internet can build an e-commerce superstore quickly, easily, and cheaply. Of course, e-commerce isn’t the only way to go. In today’s internet world, you don’t have to sell anything at all to make a profit. You can take advantage of other sites who sell, and make money by referring your customers to them. In our money making section you will find:

Below is an overview of what you will find on each page:

The easiest way to make money on the internet is through Affiliate Programs. Almost any product that is currently being sold on the web can be sold on your site as well. Affiliate programs are a partnership between companies and individual web sites. The web site becomes a portal for selling the company’s products and in turn receives a commission on all sales it generates. By affiliating with some of the major on-line retailers, you are able to sell any products that they offer directly from your site. The retailer will do all the difficult work such as updating the inventory, setting the prices, and handling the credit card transactions. The only real work you’ll have to do is generate traffic to your site, and you’ll be able to collect commissions of 5% to 25% on all sales you generate. Some of the affiliate programs are even structured in such a way that the customer will never know that they are not buying directly from you.

Just about all sites these days sell advertising space in one form or another. The way web site advertising generally operates is that the advertiser will place a small banner advertisement on your site, and will pay you either by the click-through, the impression, the sale, or through some combination of the three. A click-through occurs when a visitor to your site clicks on the advertising banner and is taken to the advertiser’s site. Most advertising programs are based upon click-throughs, and pay between $0.01 and $0.05 per click through depending on the advertising program and the amount of traffic you generate on your site. Many of the click-through programs used to pay for impressions as well. Every time an advertising banner appears on your screen, whether the visitor clicks on it or not, it was counted as one impression. You may only receive a fraction of a cent for each impression, but they tend to add up as they occur so often. The pay per sale advertising plans function much like the affiliate programs described above. When one of your visitors clicks on an advertising banner and ultimately purchases a product from the advertiser’s site, you will receive either a predetermined commission or a set percent of the sale.

When most people think of earning money on the web, they probably don’t think of either selling other people’s products or generating advertising revenue, but of using the internet as a forum to sell their own products. Those who already have a product they are selling or wish to sell can start moving their products on the web quickly and easily. The key to being able to compete for market share in any retail venture you may operate on the internet is the ability to complete the sale on the spot. If you don’t, someone else will. Almost all sales on the web are completed using secure, on-line, credit card transactions. This is the preferred method of payment for both buyers and sellers as the process is entirely automated and can be completed in under two minutes. In order to conduct such transactions on your web site, you must first open a Merchant Account. The bank that holds your merchant account will then handle all aspects of the credit card transactions, including providing the technology to offer this service on your site. There are a number of other, also important accessories that will help a business web site function more smoothly, and these have been organized on our E-Commerce Accessories page.

If you are planning on using the internet to sell your own products on-line, there is no need to do all of the selling yourself. Just like the major on-line retailers have created affiliate programs to increase their sales, there is no reason that you can not do the same with your products. Since you only need to pay your affiliates when they generate sales, there are some real advantages to pursuing this course. To create an affiliate network you must first determine how much money you can afford to give away on each sale. The more popular affiliate programs have thousands of web sites that are members and generate tremendous revenue. The more you are willing to pay your affiliates for each transaction, the more web sites you will be able to ultimately attract to your affiliate program.