Page Tutor

PageTutor by Joe Barta is quite simply the best HTML tutorial we have seen on the internet. Joe’s explanations are clear, and his style is entertaining. Most importantly, he understands that many of his readers have limited website design backgrounds and is careful to explain all difficult facets of creating a page in detail. Plus, he really walks you through the coding process line by line.

PageTutor is divided into four sections, each of which contains a number of lessons. Make A Page, the basic HTML tutorial, contains all the essentials of HTML coding and can quickly show the novice how to build a solid, no frills page. The other three sections are all advanced tutorials, each of which details a single advanced technique.

Frames Tutor will teach you how to divide your page into several semi-independent components, called frames.

Tables Tutor will show you how to arrange your information in an easy to read format.

Forms Tutor details how to build all the forms you’ll need to know, including pull down menusdialog boxesradio buttons, and others.

Magic Buttons is a MouseOver tutorial to get you up and running on those popular image swaps that add an attractive active element to your graphics.

Once you get started, we think you’ll find that HTML is surprisingly easy. The language has far fewer components than you probably imagined, and is extremely logical in the way it functions. Having a strong grasp of HTML will allow you to create your own pages, and also to achieve a greater understanding of how the internet functions. At you can purchase printed copies of these tutorials, or buy them on CD-ROM. The CD also comes with a great collection of web-ready clip-art that is worth the price alone. Also, in Joe’s member’s area, you will have access to ad-free versions of these tutorials fully downloadable, a CSS reference tutorial, guide to making favicons, the full Javascript tutorial, and much more. We recommend you visit where the main PageTutor courses are now available in a neatly bound print version. The manual contains over 180 pages and includes So, you want to make a Web Page!, Table Tutor, Form Tutor and Frames Tutor. Also in the manual is the Bare Bones Guide to HTML, all the quick indexes, How to Upload Your Pages, Frequently Asked Questions and a handy web safe color chart. The manual does not contain printed versions of Magic Buttons, GateKeeper or Javascript Tutor, although they are included on the CD.

Now you can go through the lessons while away from your computer. You can take the lessons with you, curl up in bed or sit on a park bench and learn a little HTML. Buy yours now