In a nutshell, the web host is the provider of the computer space on which your web site is stored and is accessed by the viewer. Whenever someone types in your web address, they will be connected to the host’s computer and access their information there. Like anything else, the price you pay for a host will vary based on the quantity and quality of service you receive.

Greater than 95% of the sites that you visit on the internet are probably hosted by Professional hosts. One can expect to pay anywhere from under $10 a month to several hundred dollars a month for professional web hosting. The amount of memory your site will occupy on the host’s computer, the speed with which you want your visitors to be able to connect to your site, the amount of traffic you generate to your site, and other features such as the ability to handle secure transactions and have unlimited email accounts on your site are all factors in the price you can expect to pay for professional web hosting.

There are also a number of places where you can go to find free web hosting, but there are of course certain catches involved. Generally the free hosts offer you free space in return for putting advertising on your site. The advertising can either come in the form of a banner on the top of your page, or an additional window that pops up whenever someone visits your page. Some of the free web hosts will allow you to use your own domain name, such as, whereas others will require you to use a subdomain, such as If you prefer to have your own domain but have not yet registered one, you may do so here.