Content Management System (CMS)

When Virtually Ignorant was created, way back in 2000, we recommended building websites from scratch with HTML.  While we still highly recommend learning the basics of HTML (see our HTML Tutorial), we no longer recommend building websites from scratch.

There are now so many wonderful Content Management Systems (CMS) that not only make it much easier to build a site, but add far more functionality than any but the most talented programmers could create for themselves.

As Virtually Ignorant readers know, VI attempts to narrow down the choices to a few top choices to make the decision process as easy as possible.  However, there are so many wonderful content management systems available, and the different systems specialize in such different things, that we have found it necessary to break the options down into their respective categories before we could simplify the options.

In our attempt to clarify the world of Content Management Systems, we have broken them down into the following categories, each of which will be discussed on it’s own page.

Free Hosted CMS: These are the sites where you can build websites for free without having to have your own hosting account or knowing much if any programming.

Hosted Ecommerce CMS: These sites are the fastest and easiest way to begin selling products online.  Of all the Content Management Systems we’ll present, these are the only ones that are not free.

Open Source CMS: These are programs that are built collectively by web community.  Anyone can use these platforms for free.  Anyone can modify the platforms and are highly encouraged to share their modifications for free with the rest of the online community.

Open Source Ecommerce CMS: Just like the above category, except these platforms are specifically meant for selling products online.