Building a strong internet presence requires a wide variety of skills.  Virtually Ignorant can help you learn a lot of those skills, but for some tasks, you’re probably going to be better off seeking help.

For those used to traditional business models, it’s time to learn that hiring and collaborating on the web is a whole new way to operate.  If you’re looking for a long term employee who will sit in the office and collaborate with you on projects, you might still want to take resumes, interview, and hire the old fashion way.  But if you just have a task you want to get done, or you have a lot of repetitive busy work the new ways will probably be faster, easier, and cheaper.

In the Globalize section of VI we look at a few different options, Freelance, Outsourcing, and Crowdsourcing.

Freelancers are great for tasks like setting up open source content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and OSCommerce.  What makes them so great?  A huge percentage of the time spent in setting up one of these systems is learning the system.  With a freelancer, you can choose the system you want and then find someone who has already set it up dozens or even hundreds of times.  This can result in a faster job, lower cost and better product.

Outsourcing is great when you have easy, repetitive tasks, like writing articles or managing the chat on your customer service.

Crowdsourcing is the newest concept.  When you crowdsource, you don’t choose one person to work on a project, you just put your job out there.  With some crowdsourcing platforms, dozens of people might complete the job, but you only pay for the one you like best.  For instance, 30 people might compete to create your logo, each one creating a different version, and you only pay the person whose job you like best.