Toll Free Numbers

If your website is designed to make sales, you want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to contact you. While we’re big fans of adding chat and other contact tools, there’s still no substitute for a prominently displayed 800 number.

These days, 800 numbers can be quite affordable. On the basic level, they can just be a toll free number that forwards to your regular telephone number. On the advanced level, they can be a whole automated message answering and distribution center, complete with customized messages and menus.

We’ve worked with a number of companies in the past and have had positive experiences with one basic toll free number service and one advanced one. The basic service we’ve been happy with is Kall8. The big advantage of Kall8 is that you can get in very cheap, for only $2/month, plus a per minute fee on the calls coming in. So if you’re running your business solo but want to seem bigger, for very little money you can have a toll free number and all calls will come directly to you.

We used Kall8 successfully for a number of years, but as we grew we found that Kall8 was simply not a solution that could scale with our business. The per minute cost of $0.069 per minute got expensive once we had a lot of calls, and it wasn’t a great solution for spreading calls amongst multiple customer service agents or allowing customers to hold.

We would up replacing them with RingCentral. We found this service to be a lot more affordable given our volume and we were able to create a similar customer experience as much larger companies.

At one point we switched away from RingCentral, to a less expensive system that offered more features. After several disastrous months with many dropped calls, we wound up switching back.