Personalized Email

Once you have a domain, it is very easy to set up that goes through your website.  All paid webhosts will give you the option of having  These can easily be set up as POP3 accounts that will work with Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or any other email client.  Follow the instructions on your web host control panel and email client to set this up.

However, our favorite way to send company email, is just to integrate it with Gmail.  There are two ways to do this.

The official way is to sign up for a Google Apps account.  With Google Apps, you’ll pay $50 per user, per year to set up this personalized email address  If credibility with high end clients is a must in your business, this could be worth considering.

However, we’ve never seen the need to go with the official way of integrating with Gmail when the totally free way works almost as well.  To do this, first get yourself a gmail account if you don’t yet have one.  Then log into your host and set up your new email account as a Forwarding account, and put in your gmail account as the forwarding address.  Then log into gmail, click on “Settings”, then “Accounts and Imports.”  In the section marked “Send Mail As” click “Send Mail from Another Address.”  A window will pop up asking what name you want to display when sending mail and the email address itself.  Once you do this, gmail will check to make sure you have control over this email by sending you a test email.  Click on the verification link, and your new email is set up.

Your gmail account will give you the option whenever sending an email from that point on to send from your gmail address or your address.  The gmail address will be the default, but you can change it to the address by selecting it from the dropdown menu at the top of the email.  Or, you can log back into your settings and change the default to the address.

Anyone receiving your emails through this free route will see the email as coming from your business.  Only if they look into the specific details of the email delivery will they know that it was sent via your gmail account.  If even that is not something you want anyone seeing, you’ll have to go with the Google Apps solution to use gmail for your mailing.