Here’s our page to help you jazz up your page. Now that you’ve built your website, found a host, and uploaded it to the internet, you may be looking for more webmaster resources to add to the design of your webpage. Almost unlimited numbers of images and design tools are available on the web, many of them for free. We have provided a list of some of the best of these sites. Most visitors enjoy the entertainment of images, different fonts, audio, Java scripts, chat groups, free email, web search capabilities, and other services on a web page they visit. We have also included a number of services that are available on the internet to help you fine tune your site. These features can help you speed up your download time, fix broken links, and find and correct spelling and grammatical mistakes on your page.

Adding free Email to your site can be a great way to keep your visitors coming back on a regular basis. Email can provide a tremendous amount of free advertising, and it can be profitable itself. To put email accounts on your site you can put the page together yourself, or have one of the companies that currently offer this as a service put it together for you for free.

Two other features that can keep visitors coming back to your site are Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards. Chat rooms allow for real time dialogue between people who happen to be visiting your site at the same time. Discussion boards also facilitate dialogue between visitors, but do not require them to be on the site at the same time. Rather, individual visitors will post a message to a particular board where subsequent visitors are able to read and respond to the original post.

You can now add a Search box directly onto your site and be paid every time one of your visitors conducts an internet search. Searching is one of the most common activities conducted by web surfers, and putting a box on your site will give your visitors another reason to stay at your site.

Those sites that are able to build personal relationships with their visitors are almost assured of having a loyal customer base. Building these relationships is not easy. Two keys to doing it successfully are to find ways of interacting with your visitors and to be responsive to their needs. Sending out periodic newsletters to interested visitors and responding quickly and appropriately to any visitors that contact you are among the ways that you can make your visitors feel a personal connection to your site. Our Email Lists, Autoresponders, and Ebooks section can provide you with the tools you will need to start building these relationships efficiently.

When the internet first started out, information was king. These days, having killer content isn’t necessarily enough to guarantee a successful site, your page has to look right as well. Fortunately,Images and other design tools such as fonts and animation are abundant on the web, and many of them are free.

A step more funky than putting images on your site is to put Audio on your site as well. Audio components can be programmed to start automatically when visitors arrive at your site, or to be turned on and off at their convenience. Many sites have started adding welcome messages that take the visitor through the features of the site, while other sites have used the audio component to provide background music.

Adding dynamic content such as the latest news headlines or the latest lottery results in various states can help augment the content that you have designed yourself. There are a number of services which provide various types of content free of charge.

For those of you who want to really jazz up your site and find all our above suggestions too archaic or boring, check out our Hard Core Jazz page for scripting resources.

Even professionally made web sites can benefit from periodic Fine Tuning. Having errors in your site is the quickest way to convince your visitors that you don’t know what you’re doing. The links on your site should be checked periodically to make sure they’re still active, and there is simply no excuse for having spelling or grammatical mistakes on your page. A number of internet services currently exist to help you work out these bugs, as well as performing other specialized tasks such as reducing the size of your image files to allow your page to download faster without sacrificing any quality.